Separated? Divorced? Kids caught in the middle? Maybe we can help. We supervise exchanges and visits between children and their parents. Call the SUPERVISED ACCESS PROGRAM at 807-274-7787 for information.
ATIKOKAN CRISIS CENTRE -provides temporary shelter to women and their children who have been physically, sexually, and/or emotionally abused. If you need help please phone our toll-free number at 1-800-465-3348
RAINY RIVER ANGLICAN CHURCH is having a Pork Supper on Thursday, May 1st at 5:30 p.m. - $12.00 a person, everyone is welcome!

MOBILE HOME FOR SALE - 2 bedrooms, on a 50 x 120 ft lot, 112 Second St., appliances included, some furniture also. If interested please call (807) 852-3964.
FOR RENT - 2 bedroom apartment, fridge, stove, laundry facilities, $475.00/month includes utilities, no pets please, for more info call 852-1089 leave message.
FOR SALE or RENT- 513 Atwood Ave - 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home on a lot and a half, new roof, new siding, newly insulated, close to school and grocery store, for more information call (807) 852-3826 or 276-0062.

FOR SALE - Rental Income Property in Rainy River - apartments and houses, will finance if interested. Phone (807) 276-4933.
FOR SALE - 3 bedroom country home on 10 acres. A second older home on property, 3 miles east of Rainy River. For more info call (807) 852-3185
FOR SALE - In Rainy River. Large commercial lots. Fully serviced, water, sewer, power, gas, paved streets,
$8000.00 Each. Call Corrie Wiersema 807-852-3623
FOR SALE - In Rainy River, Large residential lots, fully serviced, water, sewer, power, gas, paved streets. $7000.00 each. Call Corrie Wiersema 807-852-3623
RAINY RIVER DISTRICT MUTUAL AID ASSOCIATION Cash Calendar Winners from April 6 - 19 were: Ted & Colleen Beck, Fort Frances, ON ($30); Doug Belanger, Thunder Bay, ON ($30); Ruby Andersen, Atikokan, On ($30); Maureen Ross, Fort Frances, ON ($30); Albert Bedard, Fort Frances, ON ($30); Rick Donaldson, Neebing, ON, ($30); Shelly Chiarelli, Aurora, ON ($30); Kevin House & Laura Wickstron, Fort Frances, ON ($30); Irene Lougheed, Fort Frances, ON ($30); Michille & Ernie Brunetta, Fort Frances, ON ($30); Alyssa Jodoin, Pinewood, ON ($30); Bob Katona, Fort Frances, ON ($30), Daniel Anderson, Pinewood, ON ($30); Brent Williams, Stratton, ON ($30).