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My how time flies

Ken Johnston

Next week the kids head back to school and fall officially starts... well at least in my line of work.
If someone took the calendar away and I had to tell what time of year it was just by the activities and the level of business going on, I probably could tell you.

Saying goodbye to a best friend

Ken Johnston

How do you say goodbye to one of your best friends forever?
Last Tuesday I had to do just that.
My dog Odie (the black and white one) suffered a stroke two days earlier and did not recover.

Otis “Odie” Maximus Johnston, 72

Odie Johnston wagged his tail for the last time Tuesday, August 9, 2005 at the age of 72 (14 in human years). He was thought to have been born some time in early 1991.
Odie had a rough start to his life having been abandoned on the streets of International Falls, Minnesota around the age of six. He had been on the streets for some time and in the fall of 1997 he was found nearly dead. He was nursed back to health by a caring adopted mom, Cathy Imhoff, of Little Fork, MN.

Great to see new dog catcher out there!

Ken Johnston

I have to give council a pat on the back for hiring an animal control officer... and the new officer, one for getting out there and doing her job.
Sabine Drackert stopped me on the street late last week and said, “I have to ask you something.”

How is the weather affecting you?

Ken Johnston

The heat is fine it is the darn humidity that gets to me.
I am not sure about you but I love the summer heat, but throw in a day with high humidity and I could find myself wanting for winter.

Railroad Daze will not be moved

Ken Johnston

I am not sure who was having more fun at the Rec. Board’s annual slowpitch tournament finals Sunday evening.
The players of the two teams were having a pretty good time but so were the hecklers all of which worked very hard to get the goat of several well know players.
Those players, Don Gall, Kirk Wood and Jim Chorney really took the heckling well and even played it up for the crowd.

Remembering the glory “daze”

Ken Johnston

18 years ago the Chamber of Commerce launched an annual festival that would soon become the party of all parties in the region.
Rainy River Railroad Daze was held for the first time, on the third weekend in July of 1988. No one at the time knew just what to expect but it soon became an annual event that everyone looked forward, both here and from abroad.

What a “crappy” reason to party!

Ken Johnston

What is an outhouse?
By traditional definition one would think it is a structure located over a hole in the ground that one uses to relieve themselves of number one and two.

Awesome Canada Day eh!

Ken Johnston

What a great Canada Day!
The weather was fantastic. There were people in the park just about all day and both the parade and fireworks were worth the watch!
I hung out with my niece and a couple of other kids most of the day in the park, bipping in and out of events all day with the camera to get photos for the paper.
The event was well attended and everyone seemed to be having a great deal of fun!

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