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Trading electric decorations for Nature’s

Ken Johnston

Christmas in April?
Well I am sure that a few others than myself had their fill of taking down Christmas decorations over the weekend as the snow finally melted enough to let us get at them.

Treasure chest of history just down the road

ken Johnston

What an amazing place.
I am talking about the Manitou Mounds located just south east of Stratton.
A little over a decade ago I went for a walk with Economic Development Officer Dan Wright and someone from Rainy River First Nation. We drove into some gravel pits along Hwy. 11 and eventually ended up on the bank of the Rainy River.

Poof! It is there!

Ken Johnston

If 20 years ago, someone told you that you would someday be able to send information instantaneously around the world you probably would have said, “Ya right. What planet are you from?”

Don’t throw those old photos away

Ken Johnston

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
That was apparently true when someone in Dryden found a folder in the landfill site there.

No Sponge Bob in this Mouth

Ken Johnston

Who ever thought buying a toothbrush would be so difficult?
On a recent trip away from Rainy River I discovered that I had forgotten my toothbrush. So I went to a big box store to get one and to my amazement there was an entire aisle of toothbrushes.

Use some common sense with your dog

Ken Johnston

Why is it we need rules?
Sometimes it seems so ridiculous to have them. After all how many people follow them all to a letter? Not very many.

Tags keep pets safe

Ken Johnston

We work hard to protect our family members. We keep tabs on our kids and other loved ones so that we know they are safe. When they go missing we call for them and for the most part they can answer us.

The in between winter

Ken Johnston

Slippery when wet.
Well that was definitely the case on Monday after rain and melting and a bit of snow mixed to cover the sidewalks and streets.

Why they call it The Super Bowl

Ken Johnston

I was wondering why they call the National Football League championship The Super Bowl?

The mysteries of yellow snow

“Don’t eat yellow snow.”
There are words of wisdom that echo back from my childhood.
Well I have not eaten any, ever, but my dogs have definitely made their fair share of the stuff.

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