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To all Rainy River Record Subscribers and Faithful Readers

It is the end of an era.  After almost 100 years the Rainy River Record will cease publication following the printing and distribution of the Sept. 27 edition. The Record office will remain open through to the end of November.  The paper, over the past several years, has been unprofitable.  It was hoped that a change in the prosperity of the west end of the Rainy River District would return it to profitability. 

From the Front Desk and Advertising Desk

Dawn & I would like to take this opportunity to say it was a great pleasure to serve and work with the people in the town of Rainy River and surrounding area over the past 28 years. We always tried our hardest to do what we could, to the best of our ability, for our customers.
It has been an honour to be here for families who have just had a birth, death, graduation, birthday,  significant anniversary, or just a red ribbon at the track and field  meet at Riverview School. Every signifigant event was important to each family.

Recording local history for for 98 years

(reprinted in part from the 75th anniversary edition, July 6, 1994 written by Ken Johnston)

For decades the name Ricci was and probably to many citizens still is, synonymous with the Rainy River Record. In fact if one were to look in the local history books they would find the it was the Ricci family who founded the local newspaper. Read more


Protect your farming investments

By Gary Sliworsky

When snow piles up over machinery that is left outside, winter eats away at a farmer’s investment by deteriorating tires, belts and bearing seals.  The next spring, rain will rust bare metal parts and the sun will fade the paint.  Storing machinery inside can significantly reduce that kind of damage and depreciation.  Read more

Kids Tournament fun for all!

by Dianne McCormack

Canada/U.S. celebrate 100 years of migratory birds protection

The skies of North America today provide the backdrop for celebrating a century of conservation of one group of Earth’s most treasured animals: migratory birds. On this date in 1916, the first Migratory Bird Treaty was signed between Canada and the United States. Today, the two nations mark the monumental success of this agreement. Read more

Big fish and big fun on line for this weekend!


Its the biggest event of the year in Rainy River and it is all set to cast off this Thursday!
The 18th Annual Rainy River Walleye Tournament will begin Thursday afternoon with the annual Parade of Boats. With road construction on Main St. over, they will return to their route down Main St. towards the tent. Last year they were detoured. Read more

Bear Clan Patrol hoping to help with community well being

By Ken Johnston Editor Rainy River may soon be getting some new patrols. James Eastman, who resides in Rainy River, spoke at length to council Monday evening about an initiative he has held dear to his hear since the 1990s. Eastman was a founding member of the Bear Clan Patrol in Winnipeg back in the 90s. The group lasted for a few years, running initially on donations and volunteers. However, when funding ran out the group folded. Read more...

Mid-summer Perenial Check-up

 By Melanie Mathieson
      Gardening Guru
As summer has passed the midway point, perennial beds may be looking a little rundown and in need of a summer spruce up.  With just a bit of time and effort you will have your gardens looking fresh once again. Read more...

Agri-food to drive northern growth

By Mark Kunkel, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Northern Ontario is one of agriculture’s biggest untapped opportunities. Climate change, improved land drainage, new crop varieties and the use of innovative technologies like precision agriculture and row covers are all leading to the rise of productive farmland in northern Ontario. Read  More...


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