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Producer stewardship awards coming up

2012 Environmental
Stewardship Award
The Environmental Stewardship Award (TESA) recognizes producers who have taken innovative approaches to environmentally sustainable cattle production. The winner of the award goes on to compete, annually, at the national level against TESA winners from other provinces.
This year, we are asking for your help as well as conservation and environmental groups from across the province in selecting our annual winner. We would ask that you take the time to determine whether there are beef farmers in your area that meet the criteria of the competition.
Any Ontario cattle producer or cattle farming operation can be nominated for this award by him or herself, another producer, interested individual(s), a conservation group or the local cattlemen’s association.
The deadline for nominations is Wednesday November 30, 2011. The application can be found at

Premises ID Number From ONTRACE
For many new programs producers are required to have a premises ID number for their principal farm. Producers should have their Assessment Roll Number (ARN) from their Municipal Property Assessment Corporation handy when completing the application. There are three easy steps:
Step 1: Contact OnTrace for an application form at or 1-888-388-7223.
Step 2: Complete application form. All of the required fields must be completed. Producers will need to describe the agricultural or agri-food activities that take place on the premises.
Step 3: Submit application to OnTrace.
At this time OnTrace is receiving many requests for ID numbers so start your application early.

Agribition Bus Trip
It looks like the Agribition trip is a go. Leaving the district Wednesday November 23 and returning Sunday November 27.
Rainy River Future Development Corporation (RRFDC) will be paying for the transportation to and from Regina. All you have to do is pay your admission, hotel and meals.
RRFDC will be sponsoring personal vans for the transportation. If you have a van you would like to take, please let Angela know.
Fifteen hotel rooms have been set aside and will only be held until October 25 so book ASAP.
Book your seat with Angela Halverson 274-3276 or or Kim Jo Bliss 482-2863 or