Riverside to make cuts as deficit projected

News Release
Riverside Health Care Facilities

Riverside Health Care (RHC) is projecting a $662,000 budgetary shortfall for 2014-15. While continuing to maintain high quality and accessible care to the community, RHC today announced a series of budgetary measures aimed at ensuring that it will be able to operate with a balanced budget in the new fiscal year and remain sustainable well into the future.
The amount represents a 2.87% deficit on the 2013-14 allocation from the North West Local Health Integration Network (NW LHIN). Due to the provincial fiscal climate, RHC is anticipating no increase to its hospital budget in 2014-15.
“As a result of this projection, we are obligated to take some significant measures to bring our budget into a balanced position in order to comply with our hospital accountability agreement with the NW LHIN by March 31, 2015 and ensure ongoing fiscal health,” said Allan Katz, RHC president and chief executive officer.
“Throughout the implementation of all change measures, we will continue to focus on delivering high quality and accessible health care to the residents of the Rainy River District. We will explore all cost savings and aggressively pursue new funding opportunities while endeavouring to minimize job loss across the organization,” he added.
Some austerity measures have already started and over the next several months the following actions will occur:
-Continue to review and defer travel and other discretionary spending
-Defer non-urgent capital equipment spending
-Internally re-deploy some dietitian service hours to Rainycrest to address mandatory compliance requirements in the Long-Term Care Act
-Reduce out-patient physiotherapy services to the highest priority needs and focus on in-patient and long-term care residents
-Defer recruitment of vacant positions
-Complete departmental and program reviews and engage staff for suggestions across all Riverside sites to identify and act on opportunities for future operational savings
“We will be meeting with our key internal and external stakeholders to discuss these changes. These will not be easy or popular discussions but they are absolutely necessary for our organization to return to a fiscally stable position and to protect our patients now and into the future,” Katz stated.
Riverside Health Care is a fully accredited multi-site, multi-function health care system serving the residents of the Rainy River District. RHC operates hospitals in Fort Frances, Emo and Rainy River, and Rainycrest Long-Term Care Home and La Verendrye Non Profit Supportive Housing in Fort Frances. Each community is also served by Riverside Community Counselling which provides addictions, mental health and family violence treatment services, Community Support Services through Rainycrest and Valley Diabetes Education Centre which provides important chronic disease management programming. For more information, please visit riversidehealthcare.ca