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Former RR O.P.P. honoured

The Ontario Provincial Police recognized some of its most distinguished members at the 6th annual Accolade Awards in Barrie on Monday, September 22, 2008; including former RR O.P.P. Officer Marc Sharpe.
Accolade Awards are presented to both uniform and civilian OPP members who make outstanding and meaningful contributions to the organization, and whose hard work underscores the OPP’s mission - “Policing Excellence through our People, our Work and our Relationships”.
The awards program consists of various special team and individual categories. Nominations are first submitted by colleagues, and are then narrowed down by a distinguished panel of community members and senior OPP staff. In the end, 13 remarkable individuals/teams are selected for their outstanding achievements.
Category Winner(s)
Officer of the Year Inspector Dave McLean
Civilian of the Year
Ms. Celia Deang
Auxiliary Liaison Officer of the Year
Provincial Constable Dan Park
Jim Potts Award Aboriginal Relations Team/
Major Event Liaison Team
(members listed below)
Valuing & Supporting People Staff Sergeant Dan Davidson
Enforcement Provincial Constable George Duke
Provincial Constable Robert Sinclair
Provincial Constable David Vogelzang
Investigation “Baillargeon Historical Assault Investigation”
Detective Constable Kim Griffore Detective Constable Kelly Wood
Innovation & Creativity Provincial Constable Marc Sharpe
Mr. Bill Gibson
Team Achievement “Project Pirate” Team (members
listed below)
Community Service
Detective Constable Brian Perala
Humanitarian Excellence Superintendent John Tod
Partnership “Church Break Ins” Investigative
Team (members listed below)
Aboriginal Relations Team/Major Event Liaison Team
Provincial Constable (Blake) Cohoe
Staff Sergeant Kim Paul Gainforth
Sergeant Gilles Lachance
Sergeant Jeff Lavalley
Sergeant Don Lickers
Sergeant Stephanie Patterson
Sergeant Marty Singleton

“Project Pirate” Team
Detective Inspector
Ken Leppert
Detective Constable
Sandy Adams
Detective Constable Brett Anderson
Detective Sergeant Mike Bickerton
Detective Constable Leanne Bovay
Detective Constable Jean Bureau
Detective Constable Neil Browne
Detective Constable Kent Butler
Detective Constable Darrell Caffin
Detective Constable David Felstead
Detective Constable Kurtis Fredericks
Detective Constable Lee Fulford
Detective Constable Laura Goodenough
Detective Sergeant Brian Griffith
Detective Constable Stuart Hayhurst
Detective Constable Rob Johnston
Detective Constable Keith Jones
Detective Constable Michael Knox
Detective Constable John Landry
Provincial Constable Angela Leigh
Detective Sergeant Peter Liptrott
Detective Sergeant Paul Mackey
Detective Sergeant Scott Mahoney
Detective Constable Robin McKay
Detective Constable Peter Mitchell
Detective Sergeant Baldo Nuccio
Detective Sergeant Andrew Pierre
Detective Sergeant Alf Pistolkors
Detective Sergeant Jamie Prosser
Detective Constable Brent Robitaille
Detective Constable Louise Sanders Detective Sergeant Jim Smyth
Detective Constable John Spence
Detective Sergeant Dean Steinke
Detective Constable Sue Storey Detective Sergeant Randy Viragh
Provincial Constable David Vittie
Detective Staff Sergeant Ken Watson
Detective Constable Russell Watson
Detective Constable Gary Wheeler
Church Break Ins” Investigative Team
Detective Constable Dwight Adams
Detective Sergeant Mike Bickerton
Ms. Shawne Bryson Constable Neil Campbell
Provincial Constable Manny Coelho Detective Constable Colin Darmon
Provincial Constable Kevin Detweiler
Provincial Constable Larry Drew
Detective Constable Tanya Hodgin
Provincial Constable Andy Hooper
Detective Sergeant Len Johnston
Acting Detective Sergeant Chris Knoll
Identification Constable Trevor McLeod Constable Jeremy Mighton
Detective Constable Pat Mullin
Detective Sergeant Baldo Nuccio
Detective Sergeant Steve Paddon
Detective Constable Rayna Page
Constable Rob Paige Detective Constable Lori Reeves
Detective Sergeant Anthony Renton Provincial Constable Paul Richardson
Inspector Ron Shaidle Detective Sergeant David Shantz
Provincial Constable Ken St. John
Detective Constable Kevin Washnuk