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Town to help curling club stay open

By Ken Johnston

Rainy River Town Council added two motions to their agenda Monday evening in an attempt to head off the closing of the Rainy River Curling Club.
On Monday Councillor Brent Anderson circulated an email suggesting two scenarios to assist the financially strapped club. In the first motion it was suggested that all water and sewer charges be dropped for the club until further notice. However, that drew concerns from both Mayor Deb Ewald and Councillor Gord Armstrong.
Ewald noted that water and sewer rates are supposed to be revenue neutral. Armstrong was worried that they would be setting a precedent that could see other groups in the community ask for similar treatment. This scenario was unanimously defeated.
On the flip side, they unanimously passed a motion endorsing the allocation of $575.00 per month to assist with operating costs for six months beginning in November. That totals $3,450. Councillor Anderson noted that the money would be contingent upon receiving regular financial statements from the curling club.
Anderson noted that the town already gives the Recreation Board $50,000 per year to help with operating costs. "I see recreation at the arena and at the curling club as the same and they are both town buildings."
Council did give them $10,000 for a new furnace which will help with energy efficiencies at the club.
"We need to send a clear message that we want to keep it (the curling club) open," said Anderson.
Other business
•Mayor Deb Ewald announced that the Rainy River Public Library will be moving to the former Lowes Furniture building. "They hope to be in there by the first week of November and are expecting big things out of the new space," said the Mayor.
They have signed a five year lease at a monthly cost that is about $300 more than they were paying in their current location. They do plan to do fundraising activities including a concert this evening at the community centre. After the meeting the Mayor said they wlll likely be asking council for more money in their annual budget for 2009.
•Council passed a collections policy for town taxes.
•Council tabled a collections policy for water and sewer fees as Councillor Anderson was concerned that it would see people lose their service in the winter.
•Council passed two bylaws authorizing the closure of a portion of Little St. and the sale of it to CNR for $10 as per a previous agreement. Effectively all that is left to close the crossing on Little is the construction work.
•Council renewed the Animal Enforcement Officer's contract for another year.
•Council accepted the applications of Peter Penner and Calvin Krahn to the RR Volunteer Fire Dept.
•Councillor Gord Armstrong reported that there has been vandalism to the Water Treatment plant and several residential homes in the form of graffiti.