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Rafferty supports repeal of long-gun registry

News Release

Thunder Bay – Superior North MP Bruce Hyer and Thunder Bay – Rainy River MP John Rafferty announced today that they will support of Bill C-391 (An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act (repeal of long-gun registry), when it comes up for a vote in the House of Commons.
Hyer is offering his support for the bill because he believes the registry is a waste of taxpayer dollars, and is unfair to law abiding gun owners. “As a hunter myself, I have always been clear that I will vote to end the wasteful long-gun registry, and stand up for my constituents,” Hyer said. “This Bill is a simple way to make the system fairer for law-abiding hunters, farmers, Aboriginal people, and trappers while maintaining laws that keep our large cities safe.” Hyer added, “I am especially pleased to take the opportunity to work together with other parties to get the job done.”
Rafferty, a long-time opponent of the long-gun registry, decided to offer his support for the bill for similar reasons and after hearing back from his constituents on the issue. “I’ve always opposed the long-gun registry because I thought it was unfair to law-abiding firearms owners, but I needed to hear back from my constituents before moving on the issue,” Rafferty said. “I sent a questionnaire to every household, and more than 93 percent of respondents agreed that they wanted it gone. After receiving a clear mandate from the people I am very happy to offer my unqualified support for C-391,” he said.
In addition to hearing from many constituents on the issues, Rafferty and Hyer also heard from local and regional groups, such as the Ontario Federation of Angler and Hunters (OFAH) and the Northwestern Ontario Sportsmen’s Alliance (NOSA) on the matter. “We are pleased at the strong commitment made by Mr. Rafferty and Mr. Hyer to support C-391,” said Greg Farrant, Government Relations Manager at OFAH. “Both MP’s should be commended for taking a stand in support of their constituents on this issue.”