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Some very unusual animals live in NWO

By Al Lowe

We have a tendency to think of Northwestern Ontario as being the parts we are familiar with - Lake Superior, Kenora, Wawa and so on. We don’t think about the vast part of our land which goes away up to the shores of Hudson and James Bays. Yet this is part of Northwestern Ontario, too.

Questions and answers

By Pastor Gord Armstrong
RR Ministerial

Sometimes in life we have more questions than answers: for instance, what does it take to make a community, really a community? Is it the kindness that we show to one another? Is it going “out of our way” to  help someone build a better life? Is it putting the needs of others ahead of our own? Sorry, told you I had a lot of questions! oop’s one more question.
Where does one go for the answer’s to these questions? If you have ever read the book of Job from the old testament, you find that Job’s friends tried their best to give him answers for all the trials and disasters of  his life. They failed and left Job more frustrated than ever.

Minimum distance separation guidelines updated for 2007

By Gary Sliworsky
Ag. Rep.

Across Ontario, agriculture has evolved over time to meet various economic, environmental and social changes. Therefore, the Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) Implementation Guidelines have been updated and improved to better meet the challenges facing Ontario’s agricultural and rural communities today. The 2006 version of the MDS formulae comes into effect on January 1, 2007. The purpose of the MDS formulae is to minimize nuisance complaints due to odour from livestock facilities and to reduce land use incompatibility. MDS is made up of two separate, but related formulae (MDS I and MDS II).

Sorry for the inconvenience

A open letter to
The Manager
The Beer Store,
Fort Frances
Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that Border Service, 114 Atwood Ave., Rainy River will not be accepting beer bottle returns as of the end of January, 2007.
The collection has not been profitable but was done more as a community service than as a money-maker.
The addition of liquor & wine bottle returns makes collection less viable. We do not have the space nor the manpower to do what is expected.
We thank you for your past cooperation.
Dale Morrison
To our customers:

A work in progress

A change is as good as new or so they say!
This past week a process that was suppose to evolve over the next month suddenly was thrust upon the Record.
Our new website was in the works for a while now and suddenly it had to go live, far from being ready for it.

Thinking warm thoughts

It never seems to fail. We talk about the weather in the paper and it goes to the complete opposite.
Last week we had a poll in the paper asking people if they thought the cause of the mild weather was pollution.
Bam! Within a day or so the mercury plunged to sub-arctic temperatures and it as stayed there ever since.
Brrrrrrrrr it is cold out there!
It was only day two of the deep freeze and I was already sick of it.
Funny all winter we have had mild temperatures and after one or two days I was already tired of the cold.
But not much we can do about it... bundle up, throw more blankets on the bed at night and think warm thoughts.
That is what my dad and I did on Thursday.
Just as the weather settled in, he received his KOA camping guide for 2007.
We have looked at it twice since then and planned several fantasy trips... one to the badlands and one to Chicago and Michigan.
We also started talking about our annual spring camping trip to Itasca State Park and possibly a few extra trips this year. Heck the more we think about the warm weather the faster it will come... right??
–Until then,

Family literacy program slated for Jan. 25th

Amanda Lowes

Families Learning Together and is being held Thursday, January 25th from 4:30 pm until 8:00 pm at Riverview School, (other participating sites include Donald Young School and Robert Moore School).

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