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Protect your farming investments

By Gary Sliworsky

When snow piles up over machinery that is left outside, winter eats away at a farmer’s investment by deteriorating tires, belts and bearing seals.  The next spring, rain will rust bare metal parts and the sun will fade the paint.  Storing machinery inside can significantly reduce that kind of damage and depreciation.  Read more

Agri-food to drive northern growth

By Mark Kunkel, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Northern Ontario is one of agriculture’s biggest untapped opportunities. Climate change, improved land drainage, new crop varieties and the use of innovative technologies like precision agriculture and row covers are all leading to the rise of productive farmland in northern Ontario. Read  More...

Soil samples influenced by many variables

Occasionally there are questions about whether soil sample values can change depending on the weather in a given year, or the time of year the sample was taken. There is no easy answer. Soil test values vary over time, but for most soil tests the variation is relatively small, and the direction of change is not always predictable. Read more

New online tool available to help market local foods

By Gary Sliworsky

More on extending rations

By Gary Sliworsky

Following is part 2 of a two part article on feeding straw to help extend rations.

Determining available forage

By Gary Sliworksy
Following is the first of a two part article on determining the amount of forage you have available on pasture for your livestock.

Farm noises responsible for hearing loss

If you have a dull, ringing sensation in your ears after a long day on the tractor, it’s an indication that you have exceeded a sound level that can be comfortably tolerated. It could also be the first sign of hearing loss.
This ringing is typically accompanied by a slight loss of hearing. While overnight rest will generally restore normal hearing, repeated, prolonged exposure to noise of this intensity will likely result in a permanent hearing loss.

Producer stewardship awards coming up

2012 Environmental
Stewardship Award

Time to apply for Premier's Award for Agri-food Excellence

By Gary Sliworsky

More information on predatory losses

By Gary Sliworsky

The following is the second of a two part article on lowering predation losses, from Barry Potter, Livestock Specialist, OMAFRA.


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