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Finished road repairs worth the wait

We are all too prepared to accuse the provincial government centered in Toronto of not understanding Northwestern Ontario.  Some of those criticisms are warranted.  Many are not. The province has set an aggressive schedule rebuilding Ontario’s highways. Across the Rainy River district we are experiencing a grand upgrade of our highway system. Read more

Difficult Decision

Back on April 1, 1985, we wrote on the front page of the Rainy River Record that as owners, we intended to keep separate the publications of the Fort Frances Times and Rainy River Record. 
    We wrote, “ We hope to aid in the growth of business, educational and cultural activities in the community and we encourage the participation of all our readers through ideas, articles, letters and pictures.” Read more

KidPro experience creates future anglers

Households across the district, tune in almost nightly to watch the NHL in action and when it comes the Stanley Cup, everyone takes notice. It is no different with the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship. And the future of the tournament lies in developing new young talent to fill the vacancies left as older anglers retire from the competition.

The mind games of tournament fishing

This is Bass Week in Fort Frances. Bass anglers have been plying the waters of Rainy Lake for the past week. You can see rooster tails flying high in the sky as those sleek fibreglass bass boat skim across the water. The boats, shone into mirror finishes, seem to be loaded with the latest technology systems.
Stable and comfortable, they are easy to fish from.
The compartments filled with rods, reels and tackle and baits, have enough stock to fill a small fishing store. There is always something new on the market that every fisherman will need.

Robotics: a part of our life today

I watch on television with fascination, the commercials that show a Ford automobile parallel parking on a street. I remember how many practice hours I spent learning to put my father’s 65 Chrysler into a tight space.
We have seen robot vacuum cleaners. We have played with robot toys and marveled at R2-D2 in Star Wars. R2-D2 was a human. Today we are closing in on having robots become part of our every day lives.

Safety first: at home and in the work place

At the Fort Frances Times, Tanya Cumming attends to everyone safety. She is constantly reminding everyone about health and safety rules. It often includes information about nutrition, diet, exercise and working with computers to reduce the risk of injury.
I like to think that our workplace is a very safe place to work.
I think most businesses are constantly stressing the importance of working in a safe manner. Often that safe manner requires a few extra minutes to put guards in place, or finding the appropriate stepladder to change a simple light bulb.

The spectacular colours of fall

In the newspaper business we have always told our customers that colour sells. Adding just a single colour to an ad increased the potential that it would be read by an increase of 50%. Putting something into the full rainbow of colours, almost every reader of a newspaper would be attracted to the advertisement.
Similarly the difference between a black and white photograph and a photograph in full colour is astronomical in increased attention.
I was reminded of this on my recent vacation across Ontario and the New England States.

An afternoon of education

Last week I was invited by Dan Rose to tour a great deal of the area west of Markdale, Ontario. Dan as many will know was the Ag-rep in the district in the late 1960’s, but he and his wife continue to have ties to the district with a cabin on Clearwater which they spend summers at almost every year.
After leaving the Rainy River District, the Rose family managed to spend time in Ghana, Africa and eventually settled in Markdale that sits in Grey County. Dan has deep roots in the region and beginning in 1982 he began working the old family farm that is near Kincardine.

Clean, Green & Safe

Across the district, at the boundaries of every community, signs are placed telling residents and visitors alike that they are passing through a Safe Community. The designation came first from Safe Communities Canada, then the World Health Organization and has been renewed regularly.

Age 60 is a high hurdle

My birthday announcement appeared in last Wednesday’s paper. It noted that I wasn’t acting my age. I like to fish, and my partner John Maffei and I had a ball roaring across the lake in his bass boat with the throttle pushed all the way down and the motor drinking gas like a binge drinker. While the gas gauge was visibly seen dropping every mile that we headed north, one would not have mistaken us for two fifty something fishermen having the time of our life.

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