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Too much information!

By Jack Elliott
Abby stopped me on the street the other day.
“Elliott, your column the other week. Are there really heated toilet seats?

Provincial trade barriers are costly

How much are economic barriers between provinces affecting us. If you want to buy a French wine at the LCBO, there is little problem beyond ordering it in. However, try to get a Merlot out of British Columbia and the task becomes impossible.
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It took almost 25 volunteers to hold Remembrance Day

By Walter Wagner
We will Remember Them. All the programs, poems and paper etc. are put away for another year, but the men who were at the head table should not be forgotten.

2014 Prairie Garden to be released soon

By Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru


By Jack Elliott

We need you to write letters to politicians about the mill

The plane was quiet on the trip home from Toronto. The reality was setting in. The adrenalin that coursed through the veins of the delegates for a day and a half had disolved The delegation had made their case to tranfer the Crossroute Forest away from Resolute. The two opposition parties had pummeled the Liberal government during question period over the loss of $100 million in investment in the Fort Frances Mill that would have created 200 direct mill jobs and another 800 ancillary jobs across the Rainy River District.

More tricks than treats

This past week, Halloween week no less, the Conservatives tabled a new monster 479-page omnibus budget bill. While it contains a few treats the bill is also chocked full of the same old tired tricks.

Owls' Ongoings: It was a great 'Spirit Week' at RRHS

By Taylor Armstrong
RRHS Co-President
This week started off with a White Pine Book Club. Abbie Pearson said “We had a snack and discussed the books we are reading.”

We need control of our forest, not Resolute Forest Products

Three different brides have been stood up at the alter. Three times the partner the bride was looking at working with has bolted out the door.

Let us remember them as heroes

I write this week’s column with great sadness. Our country has suffered a tragedy and a great loss. Let us remember two heroes this week for their selfless sacrifice in the name of our country, our people, and our values.


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