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Field trip to Rainy River!

Students from Migisi Sahgaigan (Eagle Lake) Elementary School (Near Dryden), visited Manitou Mounds, Barwick Museum and Rainy River's Railway Museum and went bird watching in RR late last week.
Back row, l. to r., Marg Smith, Samantha Pitchenese, Dwight and Avery Bergen, Roger Pitchenese and Travis Wabonge. Mid row, Gage Pitchenese, Dallas Marshall, Pam Pitchenese, Reece Napish, Michelle Bruyere, Tray Walmsley and Shannon Gardner. Fr. row, Donavan Pitchenese, Emery Wabonge, Samuel Pitchenese, Ethan Napish, Wesley and Colin Danielson and Rylan Desrosier-Towedo.

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