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Protect family time

Black Friday.... it used to be the "DAY" that made US merchants go into the black for the year.

Awestruck by CT Scanning technology

Having grown up with photography being a big part of my life both personally and in business, I had a really cool experience on Friday.

Christmas light frustrations

Some day I am going to get smart when I buy Christmas lights.... especially those new-fangled energy saving LED ones!

Could turkey be on the engangered species list?

Could turkey be heading for extinction from family holiday dinner tables?

Remebrance Day should be a holiday

Our neighbours to the west (Manitoba) have it right.
Remembrance Day should be a holiday for all citizens.

Will people be able to read this 100 years from now?

I remember my history teacher in high school, Marvin McDonald, talking about how man has put a lot of stock in recording things on paper and how that really is a foolish idea, since paper deteriorates over time.
Well in the past decade or so, more and more of what we record is not done on paper. It is in fact stored electronically. Perhaps on our personal computers, a disk or thumb drive, or at some remote location (in the clouds is what they call that).

Does size matter?

How much fun can a guy have with six inches?
Is bigger really better?
Does size matter?

Too much turkey?

Monday I did not have much of an appetite. I was still full from our family's Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.

Cursive writing going the way of the dinosaurs

What? You can't read my writing?
While those of us with messy cursive handwriting have likely heard that many times over our lives, soon it will more common than we think.

Maybe the crowded wanted both to win

What a finish at the RRWT on Sunday!
It could not have been much closer than it was.


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