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Great job everyone

by Ken Johnston

What a great catch!

The Third Annual Rainy River Walleye Tournament was another huge success! Who would have thought fishing could be so exciting for so many people all at one time, especially when most of them are not even fishing in the tournament.

The tournament has grown from an idea that was tossed around the Chamber of Commerce meetings for years to a reality that attracts nearly 1,000 people at its final weigh ins.

I am sure that hundreds of thousands of dollars are involved both in the lead up to the event and at the event. That is good tourism dollars for the community and the area. It is also raising the awareness of the great fishing our community’s namesake, the Rainy River, has to offer. That in itself could turn into big business for a willing investor looking to get a tourist operation going here.

Tourists pay big bucks to vacation on Lake of the Woods and do what else but fish.

The committee that made the tournament happen this year deserves a huge amount of credit. They meet every month from the time the tournament ends until a month before the next one. Then they meet every week.

Hundreds of hours are spent organizing, planning and coordinating all aspects of the event. Without their dedication it would not happen. Thanks guys and gals!

The volunteers that do what the committee asks them to do are also very important and need to be recognized. I would estimate that nearly 1/3 of this community’s population volunteers to help with one aspect or more at this tournament. Great job people! You truly show what community spirit is all about!

The sponsors also deserve a pat on the back for realizing that small communities can put on big city events with their help.

Most of all the anglers need to be congratulated. One of them told me Sunday, “This is damn hard and I tip my hat to all of the other anglers on a great contest!”

Another tournament has ended, the fish have been released, but the memories will be caught forever.

–Until then,