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Local bird count found several species missing

News Release
RR Library

Rainy River -- Eighteen species of birds turned up on the Rainy River Public Library’s recent bird count, says librarian Michael Dawber.
The Winter’s Here! Bird Count ran Friday, December 27.
Volunteers across the library’s service area tallied the birds and shared the results.
“We found that some of our winter birds are missing this year,” says Dawber.
“For example, two little finches from the far north - Common Redpolls and Hoary Redpolls - usually overwinter here in big numbers,” he says.
“None were found on the 27th.”
The birds are probably enjoying last fall’s bumper crop of wild seeds and berries in the bush, he says.
As a result, some species aren’t moving south to places like Rainy River to find food.
The count did find some of Rainy River’s signature birds, including Black-billed Magpies, Sharp-tailed Grouse and a Bald Eagle.
“The Library would like to thank everyone who took time to help out on our count!” Dawber says.
The full results are:
American Crow 78
Bald Eagle 2
Black-Billed Magpie 13
Chickadee 120
Blue Jay 31
Common Raven 54
Downy Woodpecker 4
European Starling 34
Evening Grosbeak 30
Hairy Woodpecker 8
House Sparrow 62
Northern Shrike 1
Pine Grosbeak 8
Pine Siskin 4
Rock Pigeon 45
Sharp-Tailed Grouse 5
Snow Bunting 65
White-Breasted Nuthatch 16
Total Species 18
Total Individuals 580