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Vaughn Murray wins Ugly Mug contest

By Ken Johnston

While many ladies think he is a good looking man, the consensus at the National Enquirer is that Vaughn Murray of Rainy River is one ugly dude!
Murray who has lived in Rainy River most of his life has always had fun making ugly faces to entertain people.
Well this week that hobby won him $500 U.S. in an Ugly Mug contest held by the National Enquirer. Appearing in the Feb. 26/07 edition, which hit newsstands last week, Murray took top prize for one of his faces.
This was a step up from 15 years ago when he entered the same contest and came in 2nd in all of North America, earning $200 then.
Last fall at the Rainy River Walleye Tournament Murray learned the Enquirer was doing the contest again. “Sheldon Olson let me know so I decided to enter again.”
A couple of months later he received a call from the Enquirer saying he had done well in the contest. “I figured I placed but was surprised to find out I had won it all!”
He kept waiting for the results to come out in the tabloid publication but nothing appeared. “I figured it would be out soon as I got the cheque seven weeks ago,” said Murray.
Then last week he learned that his ugly mug was plastered across newsstands all over the continent.