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Many candidates file at the last minute for municipal elections

By Ken Johnston

What looked like it was going to be a drought for Rainy River at municipal election time has turned into a storm of candidates seeking office.
As of Thursday only three had filed to run for council in Rainy River. By the deadline (2 p.m. Friday) eight had filed nomination papers for council. Incumbent Mayor Deb Ewald was acclaimed to a second term as Mayor.

For council:
* indicates incumbent
Four to be elected
*Brent Anderson
*Gordon Armstrong
Larry Armstrong
Weston Blight
Susan Carpenter
*Gerry Marchuk
Ashley Stamler
Edward Tymkin

For Public School Board:
Michele Abraham
Dianne McCormack

For Separate School Board:
*Mark Chojko-Bolec
Roseanne Zimmerman

Lake of the Woods Township has had a strong slate of candidates for the past two weeks and a few more added to their slate on Friday by the deadline.

For Reeve:
Gerald Fisk
*Valerie Pizey

For Council:
Four to be elected
Glenn Anderson
April Chojko-Bolec
*Colleen Fadden
*Nancy Gate
Bill Lundgren
*JoAnn Moen
Rockford Moen
Hugh O’Hare
Adrienne Olson
*Tony Sepers

Dawson Township will have a new Reeve. Eltjo Wiersema who is a newcomer to council was acclaimed.

For Council
Four to be elected
*Linda Armstrong
*Aime Desaulniers
*Bennett Drennan
Brenda Jodoin
*Archie Wiersema

For the second election in a row, no one had filed to run for Reeve of Morley Township. Nominations will be reopened this Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2010 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

For Council all candidates were acclaimed. Three of them are incumbents and one is a newcomer to council. They are:
Moe Henry
*George Heyens
*Maury Nielson
*Bill Romyn

In Chapple Twp. there will only be an election in Ward 4. The rest were acclaimed.
They are:

For Reeve:
Peter Van Heyst

For Council:
Ward 1: Ken Wilson
*Ward 2: Rilla Rice
*Ward 3: James Gibson
Ward 4:
One to be elected
*Rick Neilson
Murray Gerula

In Emo there will be elections for both Reeve and Council

For Reeve:
One to be elected
*Ed Carlson
Vincent Sheppard

For Council:
Four to be elected
*Ken Fisher
*Gary Judson
Anthony Leek
Geoff Pearce
*Harriet Sheloff
Robert Simmons
Vernon Thompson
Daniel Young

In Lavallee there will be elections for both Reeve and Council.

For Reeve:
One to be elected
*Ross Donaldson (incumbent councillor)
Ken McKinnon

For Council:
Four to be elected
Harold Kellar
*Freeda Carmody
*Jim Belluz
Donald (Darcy) Robson
Brian Trimble
Dale Stamarski
Dennis Allen
*Lucille MacDonald (i)
In Alberton the entire council was acclaimed with incumbents. They are:

For Reeve
*Michael Hammond

For Council:
*Barb Cournoyer
*Doug Mitchell
*Peter Spuzak
*Mike Ford.

In Fort Frances Mayor and Council were all incumbents and acclaimed. They are:

Mayor Roy Avis

John Albanese, Andrew Hallikas, Ken Perry, Paul Ryan, Sharon Tibbs and Rick Wiedenhoeft.

There will be an election for both school boards.
Public board:
Two to be elected
*Dan Belluz
*Terry Higgins
Dave Kircher

Separate board:
Two to be elected
*Paul Cousineau
*Anne-Marie Fitzgerald
Harold Huntley
Municipal elections take place Oct. 25, 2010.

Note: Candidates had until 4 p.m. Monday to withdraw their names. At press time that info. was not available. If it changes the Record will inform the public next week.