• Last week work began to replace the decking on Rainy River's Government Dock that sustained major damage in the flood in June of 2015.

  • (L-R) Rangers Anika Beaudry, Andrew Loney and Michael Drouin build a “beaver baffler” at Mitaanjigamiing First Nation.

  • Clarence Gibbins, Sr., left, and Clarence Gibbins, Jr., right, show off four of the nice bass they caught to win the Morson Bass International tournament over the weekend! Below are the final weigh-in totals.

  • Deb Whetzel, left, won the ladies title again this year and Brayden Delvecchio, right, won the men's title at the Rainy River Open Golf Tournament held at Spruce Creek Golf Course near Morson on Sunday.

  • Last Friday a person who thought they were in reverse had an ooops... it was in drive. The van struck the Rainy River CIBC bank. The bank sustained minor damage, however, both airbags deployed in the van. The driver was taken to the hospital and later released with no serious injuries.

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