Library Corner: Library saved you big money last year!

By Michael Dawber RR Librarian/CEO Did you know your public library saved you $221,203 last year?

Publisher's Pen: Fewer samples would make life simpler

Over a year ago Marnie and I began remodeling our kitchen. Marnie had never liked the dropped ceiling of the brilliant fluorescent fixtures that could light up the whole downstairs.

Legion Chat: Wally Burgers this Friday!

By Walter Wagner President It’s a dull dreary day; not feeling that good. It was a good supper and it was interesting to see all the cooks in the kitchen. The ladies did a good job.

Agri News: Nutrition critical during three months before calving

By Gary Sliworsky OMAFRA Rep. The last three months before calving is a critical time for cows and heifers.

The Gardening Guru: Heirloom and Heritage seeds

By Melanie Mathieson Gardening Guru Have you ever noticed that our food does not have the same flavour intensity as it did around a decade ago?

Publisher's Pen: Time to break out the long johns

I haven’t worn long underwear on a regular basis in almost 50 years. Growing up and playing outside, we didn’t have today’s super insulated parkas and snow pants.


By Melanie Mathieson Gardening Guru It has been almost a full year now since I first noticed little white spots of fuzz on many of my fleshy-leafed houseplants.

Legion Chat: It was a great party!

By Walter Wagner

The Christmas Cactus

By Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

Beach Wheels

Squirrel pie col logo.jpg

By Jack Elliott

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