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Info. now available for RMP 2012

By Gary Sliworsky

Enrolment information is now available on for livestock producers who want to participate in the 2012 Risk Management Program (RMP). Renewal packages were mailed in February to producers who participated last year. Current participants have until March 16, 2012 to make any changes to the coverage outlined in their renewal. Livestock producers who are interested in signing up for RMP for the first time can apply online or contact Agricorp for more information. Applications for new customers are also due on March
New applications and changes to existing coverage can be made by phone, mail, fax or online by visiting and clicking ‘Online tools’.
Starting in 2012, participants in the RMP plans for livestock are required to report their livestock sales, either quarterly or semi-annually, so that Agricorp can determine payment. Producers should keep their sales and purchase receipts or production records in a convenient place so they can easily fill out their sales reports.
Depending on which livestock categories you are enrolled in, you may need to report the following information:
·Date of each sale
·Total number of head sold and breakdown by type (heifer or steer, grain-fed or milk-fed)
·Average sale weight for each sale (individual sale weights required for grain-fed veal)
·Weight type (live, rail or carcass)
·Origin of sold animals (number raised from birth and number purchased)
·Purchase date and average purchase weight
·Point of sale including name of auction, private treaty or broker
·Number sold as breeding stock (cattle and hog only)
Sales reporting deadlines are quarterly for all livestock categories except cow-calf and sheep, which are semi-annual.
Sales reports will be mailed and made available on in April for quarterly categories and in July for the semi-annual categories.
In April, you will be able to submit your sales report online by visiting and clicking ‘Online tools’. By completing your sales report online you will receive a confirmation number immediately. You will also be able to save an electronic copy for your own records.
For more program details, refer to your 2012 Handbook – RMP for livestock, available on and mail in your renewal package, or contact Agricorp at 1-888-247-4999.

Dates to Remember
Mar 2 – RR District 4-H Awards Night, Stratton Millennium Hall, 7:00 pm