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Record's founder back in print nearly 100 years later!

By Ken Johnston

The founder of the Rainy River Record’s words live again! His great-great grandson, Jamie Arpin-Ricci has republished a book written by Victor Ricci. It is called Ups and Downs in Canada: 90th Anniversary Edition.
Over a century ago Victor H. Ricci left a life of comfort and success in England to start a new life in a new country, Canada.
From the comforts of an editorial position at the London Times, Victor and his young wife boarded an empty cattle boat for their new home. Their adventures took them from coast to coast, from starting newspapers on the prairies to seeking their fortunes on the west coast.
Traveling across the country in covered wagons, they confronted wild animals and unfriendly locals, but persevered in making a new life here. Their journey came to an end as they discovered their idyllic home, a beautiful region on the shores of the great Rainy River.
Victor went on to start the Rainy River Record in August of 1919. Not long after that he bought out his competition, the Rainy River Gazette, which was the communities earliest newspaper, predating the town’s incorporation in 1904. The Record remained in the family for several more generations passing to his son Arthur and eventually his son Len. Len sold the Record to its present owners, the Cumming family of Fort Frances in 1984.
Victor was an early community leader in Rainy River’s history, so it is a rare privilege to get a glimpse into one story at the heart of our community.
“I decided to reprint the book on the 90th anniversary because the book came as something of a surprise to many of us in the family. It was only in the last few years that we learned it had even been written. The story is so good, we wanted to share it with others,” said Arpin-Ricci.
He was also able to include a new introduction, as well as some other interesting family history details, including pictures.
At this point the book is only available in e-book format at