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Donations improve RR Library

News Release
RR Public Library

Rainy River – The Rainy River Public Library has two new collections to share, thanks to two community donations.
The Major Hughes Branch of the Legion has given $250 to the Library for books in Large Print.
“Demand for Large Print books is very strong and growing,” says Library CEO Michael Dawber.
“In particular, many seniors are asking us for Large Print.”
“It’s a challenge for us to afford Large Print,” says Dawber. “It’s a special format. This means those books almost always cost more than the same titles in regular print.”
The Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society has also given $150 to the Library.
This donation is for children’s titles on farming and rural living.
“The Rainy River District has a unique heritage as a farming community in Northern Ontario,” says Dawber.
“The Library has a special responsibility to reflect that heritage.”
“We are very grateful for these donations,” says Dawber.
“Every extra dollar helps us bring new books to the community.”
The new Large Print books are available to borrow from the Library.
The children’s farming titles should be delivered by mid-March.