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Kids read 1,540 books this summer!

By Ken Johnston

Who says kids just sit around and do nothing! This summer 22 local kids took part in the Summer Reading Program at Rainy River Public Library and boy did they read!
Librarian/CEO Michael Dawber said, “It has been running for many years but this has been the most successful year! 1,540 books were read over the summer!”
Dawber said it is part of a province-wide Toronto Dominion Summer Reading Challenge! There is a basic participation level and an advanced one. “This year we went whole-hog!” said Dawber!
It was open to kids up to age 12 and even can include toddlers as parents can read to their kids and those books count. Every time a kid finished a book they received a prize. “If they did a book report or drew a picture about the book they read they also won an additional prize!”
Prizes included stickers, toys, stuffed animals and books. There was also grand prizes for the kids who read the most books.
Finishing on top of the heap, and only by two books, was Aidan Pater, 9, with 386 books! His sister, Kayla was second with 384 books! Winning a prize for Most Enthusiastic Reader was Kevin Abbot, 8, who ready 370 books! Aidan received a $1 dollar authentic Hobbit dollar prize, Kayla received a Pet Letter Writing Kit and Kevin received a five book set called Percy Jackson and the Olympians!
“The success of our summer reading club this year owes a great deal to our student library assistant, Cassie Wells! Cassie’s wonderful creativity and inventiveness made our club time really memorable!” said Dawber.
In addition to the reading challenge, there was a weekly story time meeting on Fridays. The library played host to Caramel the Guinea Pig who travelled from Fort Frances to Rainy River and Emo libraries. “We try to make the library a fun place and the kids love coming here. We continue to encourage family literacy every way we can!” said Dawber.
He noted that he hopes to apply for an awards program featuring the efforts of the three local libraries in RR, Emo and Fort Frances using the Caramel the Guinea Pig tour as the cornerstone for a report on their efforts to promote family literacy. Prizes are as high as $5,000 for Summer Reading Excellence! “If we win we will use the funding to enhance the libraries in all three towns for family literacy!”