Local food safety inspections now on line

News Release

This week the Northwestern Health Unit launched ChooseWise, a website program displaying local food safety inspection results. ChooseWise can be found on www.nwhu.on.ca and allows the public to search for food premises inspection results by establishment name, type and community.
Preventing food-borne illness is a mandate of the health unit, and programs like ChooseWise have been shown to reduce the risk of food-borne illness, improve food safety standards, and increase compliance with food safety legislation.

Before the ChooseWise program, the public could get food safety inspection results by calling the health unit. The new program makes it easier for people to get the results that can help them make safe food choices. “With the online format of ChooseWise, the public can now check the inspection results of a local food premises at any time of any day.” says Stephanie Snow, Public Health Inspector.
The Northwestern Health Unit works with local food premises year round to improve their compliance with food safety legislation. In addition to regular inspections, Public Health Inspectors encourage that all food handlers have safe food handling training, offered by the health unit through in-person workshops, online, or self-study methods.

For the launch of ChooseWise, food premises operators were provided with information, resources, and voluntary signage for their establishment.
For more information about ChooseWise or food safety, visit www.nwhu.on.ca or contact your local Northwestern Health Unit office.