Today is Safer Internet Day

News Release

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) encourages young people and their families to ensure their online presence is as safe as it can be every day.
February 11th is International Safer Internet Day, which was created in 1999 to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology, especially among children and young people around the world. The theme for Safer Internet Day 2014 is “Let’s create a better Internet together.” Police are using Safer Internet Day as another opportunity to remind young people, parents and seniors of the threats they may be vulnerable to when using the Internet and e-mail as well as their mobile devices.
The OPP reminds parents and young people that the Internet is a useful tool when used wisely. The Canadian Centre for Child Protection offers a number of programs and services to educate the public on child personal safety and self-peer exploitation (also known as sexting). Harassment, accusations, violence, defamation and impersonation are among the cyberbullying threats young people may be vulnerable to when logging on to their electronic devices. The Need Help Now website is designed to provide information to youth about online safety and to help overcome victimization.
People of all ages are not immune from becoming victims via the Internet. Online gaming is one of several ways adults -- particularly vulnerable seniors -- may also be targeted in the online world. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has many resources to help the public recognize, report, and stop fraud.
The OPP remains committed to ensuring the public is aware of the many online dangers that linger behind the use of social media and the Internet, and offers tips to prevent crime and victimization, including:
Protecting your various passwords and changing them regularly,
Not sharing personal information or photos with someone you don’t know, and
Encouraging open communication about Internet and online activities at home.