Last chance to vote for RR Ball Diamond project!

By Ken Johnston

The Rainy River Recreation Board’s quest to win funding to improve safety at the local ball park is rounding third and heading for home plate this week!
Less than a month ago only about 220 votes were cast for the project on the Tbaytel For Good’s website. With only a few days left to vote, the project’s vote count topped the 3,000 mark yesterday!
That leaves it in fourth place in a field of 15 projects. According the website, voting will close this Friday and the a panel of judges will choose a top six to evaluate. Voting counts for 30% of the judges’ decision on who makes the top six.
If the RR project ends up in the top six it is guaranteed $2,000 in free funding from Thunder Bay Telephone. The top project will receive $5,000!
What and why the ball park needs help?
According to Recreation Director Kam Kuzyk’s submission to Tbaytel:
The baseball diamond has major safety concerns that are already a problem for many of our leagues, teams, and schools that use it. The fencing has become the biggest concern. The backstop has started to get holes which could be a problem for spectators who sit behind it, especially during fastball games and tournaments. The side fencing has many broken poles which have created a hazard that could potentially scrape, cut, or even impale players on the field. The outfield fence also has the potential to severely cut or scrape players as the top and bottom of the fence have begun to curl into the field of play. The Rainy River Recreation Board would like to replace the fence around the entire baseball diamond and add a protective plastic cover to the fence-tops. This would significantly increase the safety of players and spectators and promote the use of the field.
The baseball diamond is located in the middle of Rainy River, next to the Recreation Centre and the local elementary and secondary schools. In the summer, the baseball diamond gets used by physical education classes, a youth baseball league, a mixed and women’s softball league, and a local fastball team. It is also the site of fastball and softball tournaments throughout the summer. The baseball diamond is greatly used and is a significant part of our community’s healthy lifestyle. It not only provides a life-long physical activity but it plays a large part in many people’s social life. The Rainy River Recreation Board, as well as the Town of Rainy River, would hate to see the baseball diamond deteriorate to the point where it can no longer be used. As it stands, the diamond is playable but is an accident waiting to happen. We would like to fix our safety concerns before any players or spectators are deterred from the game of baseball.
Anyone with an email address can vote daily for each and every valid email address. To vote log onto the website at:
Voting will be allowed until this Friday and then the winners will be announced on the website on March 19, 2014!