Ball diamond project named Semi-finalist in Tbaytel For Good

By Ken Johnston

Thanks to your help, the Rainy River Ball Diamond Project has made the final cut in the Tbaytel For Good contest!
Out of 15 ideas the Ball Diamond project made the top six and is guaranteed at least $2,000 to use towards renewing the aged and deteriorating existing ball park.
“It’s pretty exciting that we are guaranteed $2000 for repairs on the diamond!” said Rainy River Recreation Director Kam Kuzyk; who submitted the idea to the contest.
But wait... the contest is not completely done. Voting only counted for 30% of the decision on who makes the top six and ultimately who is the top idea. The Diamond finished fourth in the voting.
This Thursday a panel of judges will release their final decision on who will be named the top Tbaytel For the Good project. That project will get $5,000! The other five in the top six will receive $2,000.
“A big thanks is owed to everyone who voted and to the Record for keeping people updated and aware of the contest,” said Kuzyk.
As the final announcement is being made this week, Kuzyk is also stepping down as Rec. Director. “I am not 100% sure what my plans are for when I’m done but if I’m around, I will be helping with the improvements to the diamond.”
Kuzyk explained that, “The first thing that needs to be repaired is the left field side fence as it is in the worst condition of all the fences and is the biggest safety concern.”
A committee is being put together to create a plan to repair the diamond. $2000 will be a good start for the repairs but more funding will be needed. They hope to do more fund-raising and possibly solicit sponsors.