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I was offering constructive criticism

Letter to the editor,
Constructive criticism was all I was implying. In my letter, did I put down bird watching? NO...As with all my letters to the paper, all I’ve tried to do is bring up perfectly valid issues. I guess I’m a whiner for helping to increase the OPP visibility in Rainy River. I guess I’m a whiner for bringing up valid points regarding business taxes in Rainy River, I’m fairly certain that high taxes somehow contributed to business’s closing here. I guess I’m also a whiner for supporting the ideas of the local hotel in there attempt for a raffle the other year. I guess I’m a whiner because the town tried to raise my water rates 44.5%. I guess I’m an imbecile too for allowing a town councilor to bash my business and for allowing a town contract employee to slander it.
Monica reiterated my point exactly,.....people bring up valid points and ideas, but to no fruitation.
As for not being able to be on committees, do you fail to realize, the operation of my business alone takes a minimum of 100 hours per week to keep the doors open. You fail to realize the close to 60 hours a week I work in Winnipeg (not including hours I spend in Rainy River at the Motel), just to help to make ends meet. When am I to have my free time?
So there you go....I guess I’m a whiner, a nit-picker, a can’t be-doner, negative, too critical and sit on my behind all day too. HMMMM....maybe I should run for mayor in the next election, maybe then the town would see some results.
–Rob Cooper
The Road Runner Motel