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Seeing through my dog's nose!

Walking home at lunch on Monday I was astounded how my little Shih Tzu Navy followed the Yellow Brick... well pee... Road home.

Incredible changes in communication

Sunday morning my telephone rang at 9 a.m. I picked it up and to my surprise it was my brother Peter.

Feeling very lucky in love

Just what is the proper way to propose to someone?
Most guys have heard the good old drop to one knee and ask. It is somewhat traditional, but the same thing from guy to guy.

Size really does matter!

Size matters... well that is at least what I have heard.
Since last New Year's Day I have been dreaming about owning a High Definition Television.

Pulling out our hair and turning gray

Well if you are reading this then we made it!

As this is only page two, that means I still have most of the paper to put together.

Do not adjust your newspapers!

Do not adjust your sets.... oops I mean newspapers.

This will be a bizarre week!

While Halloween is usually a strange time of year, this week promises to be exceptionally bizarre for me. Anyone who has lived in Rainy River for the past 25 years knows that my mom, Norma-Jean Johnston, loves Halloween. She never ever fails to come up with a new way to scare, trick and treat kids and adults alike at her 203 3rd St. home each Oct. 31st. However, this year she will be notably absent from the scene as she has to go in for some surgery today (Oct. 30th). While I have known my dad to be scary at times, he just won’t cut it as a replacement this year.

Border issues, fear and common sense

On Friday I had the privilege of sitting on a panel at the University of North Dakota’s annual Communicators Day.

A lot of wasted time and energy

Over the weekend I observed my girlfriend’s children expound a large amount of energy and time trying to do nothing.

Who is to blame for the weather?

Have you ever noticed no one wants to take responsibility for the first snow of the year?


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