Ken's Korner

Pulling out our hair and turning gray


Well if you are reading this then we made it!

As this is only page two, that means I still have most of the paper to put together.

Do not adjust your newspapers!

Do not adjust your sets.... oops I mean newspapers.

This will be a bizarre week!

While Halloween is usually a strange time of year, this week promises to be exceptionally bizarre for me.

Border issues, fear and common sense


On Friday I had the privilege of sitting on a panel at the University of North Dakota’s annual Communicators Day.

A lot of wasted time and energy


Over the weekend I observed my girlfriend’s children expound a large amount of energy and time trying to do nothing.

Who is to blame for the weather?


Have you ever noticed no one wants to take responsibility for the first snow of the year?

How much longer will the season last?


I think it is a first for me. Having tomatoes growing on the vine in October!

Thanks for another great event!


Once again the power of volunteers amazed us all over the weekend!

Lionel was more than an Emcee


He came here a stranger but quickly became a friend to just about everyone in the Rainy River area.
I am writing about Lionel Robert.

Masked marauders left us a present


What’s gray, fat and wears a mask?
No it is not a bank robber, but raccoons certainly fit the bill of a robber.

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