It is exciting to bring home that fresh yearling bull


By Gary Sliworsky

Soon, or perhaps already, you may be looking for a new bull. Many factors will affect the longevity and usefulness of the bulls you use.

The Viruses: How do they make us sick?


Editor's Note: this is part 2 of a 3 part series

By Al Lowe

Limiting the PM's power

John Rafferty col.jpg

This week, a New Democrat motion passed in the House of Commons that should put limits on the use of prorogation by our current and future Prime Ministers.

Who do we blame?

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“Blame Canada, blame Canada
We need to form a full assault
It’s Canada’s Fault”
Performed by South Park

Hosp. Aux. to hold rock-a-thon again at this year's trade show

Hosp Aux.jpg

By Irene Hanson
We opened our March meeting with fourteen members reading the auxiliary prayer, followed with Jessie Bodnarchuk reading the minutes of the last meeting.

Morson W.I. steps up fundraising efforts for museum

By Nancy Miller
Morson W.I.

What vegetables can be grown in containers?


By Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

Plenty to do at RR Public Library this month

By Michael Dawber
Assistant Librarian

Our pre-school storytime, “All the Colors of the Rainbow,” wraps up Friday, March 19 with crafts and stories about color.

The warm weather has us all thinking winter is behind us!

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Teasingly at lunch on Monday, my wife asked; “Why didn’t you rake the yard on the weekend?” She had been in Toronto for several days and had experienced cold wet rainy weather.

Frost seeding helps improve pastures


By Gary Sliworsky

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