Letters to The Editor

Gun registry should be shot

To the editor:
 When Prime Minister Paul Martin told a Liberal audience that his government must “have the will to shut down what doesn’t work and the discipline to focus on what can,” you would think he was taking direct aim at the worst of the several billion-dollar boondoggles that took place under his nine-year watch as Finance Minister:  the federal gun registry.  You would be only partially correct.

Having surgery opened my eyes

Letter to the Editor,
Friends will come to the forefront whenever problems as to financial difficulty or health should arise. Surprisingly old friends forgotten for a lengthy period of time will surface to wish you well.

Lloyd will truly be missed

Letter to the Editor
In commemoration of Lloyd Hodges

Did the strike actually take place in 1919?

Dear Editor,
Your “Flashback” piece (08 December 2003) indicates that the original newspaper article “…appeared sometime in the 1930s…” However, the original article refers to involvement by “…Four members of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police of Canada…”

Crime Stoppers is grateful to the media

Dear Editor:
On behalf of Mr. Bruce Martin, Chairperson and all of us at Northwestern Ontario Crime Stoppers, please accept our sincere gratitude for your continued unselfish support of our program. Knowing that it is our media partners who convey our messages each week in order that we can jointly contribute to making our communities and area safe places for everyone to live, work, and play, your contributions are highly valued by us.

Voyageurs send kind regards

Dear Editor,
I want to thank you so much for all of your help and wonderful press when we passed through Rainy River last August.

Ontarians should have choice on smoking

Letter to the Editor,
In my opinion Ontario should make a fair decision concerning second hand smoke.

Hampton wonders if much will change under Liberals

Honourable Harinder Takhar
Minister of Transportation
Dear Minister,
This past Sunday, the first serious snowstorm of the year hit the Northwest. The MTO was not able to clear the highways in a timely manner resulting in too many highways being shut down.

Searching for long lost relatives

Dear Editor,
My great-uncle John Haas drowned off of Haas Island in Rainy River many years ago and I haven’t been able to find any information.

Chapple looking for former students

Dear Editor,
Chapple Heritage Committee, Barwick, Ontario is holding a school reunion in conjunction with Chapple Days, July 30 to August 1, 2004.

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