Letters to The Editor

Apologies are in order from so called comedian

Letter to the Editor:
I attended the Walleye Tournament in Rainy River on Friday evening. We had only stopped in to deliver a banner and heard that a hypnotist was going to perform so we decided to stay for the show.

Hampton calls on province to act swiftly over Sioux Narrows bridge crisis

Dear Premier:
I am writing you regarding the closure of the Sioux Narrows Bridge (Highway 71) and the problems facing the economy of Northwestern Ontario. While cars can still use the bridge, heavy trucks cannot.

We deserve a raise to!

Letter to the Editor
Rainy River: Millions of people in Ontario struggle to make ends meet. And while the Tory government has demonstrated great concern for their own economic well-being, they’ve shown none for the poorest people in Ontario.

What to do when principles run against convictions

Dear Editor,
 To all Members of Parliament.  Prime Minister Chrétien’s government continues to lead us down a moral bankrupt road that will lead to further disintegration of the family. 

Volunteers deserve credit

Letter to the editor,
This past weekend with the Giant Pumpkin Festival and the upcoming weekend with the Rainy River Walleye Tournament, Rainy River is demonstrating why our local communities are such great places to live.

Don’t call it marriage

Dear Editor:
A little common sense goes a long way, but aparently not in the Canadian Parliament. I certainly have to agree with Mr. Longenecker.

Sportsmen beware!

Letter to the Editor
As a Taxpayer and a Resident of Northwestern Ontario, I am extremely disappointed in the recent response from the Leader of the NDP Party and the MPP for this Riding when the issue of the spring bear hunt was presented to the candidates.

Your little paper gets around!

Dear Editor,
Your little paper travels around!

What will we change “depravity” to?

Letter to the Editor
0.5 of the population require the dictionary of the definition of marriage changed.

Destroying the fabric of society

Letter to the Editor,
Our society has lost sight of the fact that every person living has a father and a mother whether they want them or not. Children just don’t happen any other way.

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