Letters to The Editor

What will we change “depravity” to?

Letter to the Editor
0.5 of the population require the dictionary of the definition of marriage changed.

Province needs to pay its bills for land ambulance

Open Letter
Dear premier Eves:
I am writing, at the request of the Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board, to bring your attention to a matter seriously affecting all municipal taxpayers in the Rainy River District.

Destroying the fabric of society

Letter to the Editor,
Our society has lost sight of the fact that every person living has a father and a mother whether they want them or not. Children just don’t happen any other way.

Found Doreen Lindberg

Dear Editor,
It only took about 24-48 hours after I read what appeared to be a top of the page item in the Rainy River Record regarding my request for information regarding Doreen Lindberg.

Safety was not a high priority

Dear Editor:
The space shuttle Columbia disaster in February 2003 which killed seven astronauts was the result of safety practices that had been flawed for 20 years.

CCA’s position on culling cows

Letter to the Editor
As President of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, I’d like to correct some misinformation that’s been circulating regarding the beef cattle industry’s position on the issue of cull cows.

Searching for information on Stratton’s first Reeve

Dear Editor.
I am researching my family history and I wonder if you or any of you readers could tell me anything about a distant cousin, Edmund John Boucher, who was the first Reeve of Stratton.

Why is the premier’s views on same sex issue news?

Dear Editor,
On Tuesday, news of Ernie Eves’s personal stance against homosexual marriages made headlines, but I must ask - why is this news?

Reader searching for Doreen Lindberg

Dear Editor,
I am trying to locate a person with whom I attended Rainy River High School in 1947-1948.

Thanks for keeping me well informed

Hello Ken,
Guess you might remember me. Anyways, I’d just like to thank you for your subscription of the “Record” to me here in Edmonton now, here I finally found my place & decided to settle down.

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