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Improving the longevity

Gary Sliworsky
Ag. Rep.

Cull cow prices are depressed because of a low demand. It has been proven that longer living cows give a greater economic return to the owner. Simply put, a cow must wean a number of calves to cover costs of raising or purchasing her as a replacement.

Local ladies send their craft south

Ken Johnston

Many of us take having a comfy quilt on our beds for granted. That is not the case for some children in Cuba so a local quilters group decided to change that.

Roosters may have very ancient lineage

Al Lowe

Did you ever go to a poultry show? I mean a really big one, like the Royal Winter Fair or the CNE. If you ever get a chance, visit one of these displays of chickens. You will be amazed at the different kinds of ‘hens’ there are.

I was very busy during my mid-winter break

Ken Boshcoff, MP
Thunder Bay-Rainy River

A number of people have asked me how my mid-winter break was. I imagine they were expecting me to tell tales of six weeks of tropical destinations and sunshine, but the truth is I spent most of my House break in my favourite destination spot - Northwestern Ontario.

Watch out for crystal meth

Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers has an urgent message for everyone. There is another extremely harmful and addictive drug making a presence within our communities, and one which veteran drug enforcement personnel are describing as “evil.”

How to plan a garden that attracts butterflies

Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

The winter months curtail any outdoor gardening activity but it is a great time to dream and plan the garden for next year. Over the winter months, many of these gardening columns will provide you with planning advice for a variety of gardens and plant ideas, for the upcoming gardening season.

Palliative care volunteers sought

Wilma Sletmoen

The Smith’s are a typical Canadian family; average income, modest home in a quiet neighbourhood. Several months ago, Mrs. Smith’s mother, Mrs. Jones, came to live with them. Mrs. Jones is dying. After many tests, treatments and hospital stays, her doctors have told the family that cure of her disease is no longer a reasonable goal. Instead, Mrs. Jones and her family have decided they will concentrate on keeping her as physically and emotionally comfortable as possible for her remaining time.

MoE takes Rainy River to court

Ken Johnston

The Town of Rainy River will be in court March 3, 2005 facing charges laid by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment last fall.

Stratton reeve to lead RRDMA

Michael Hilborn
F.F. Times

The Rainy River District Municipal Association said goodbye to its old executive and welcomed some new faces at its 14th-annual general meeting and convention Saturday in Barwick.

Arrests made for robbery

News Release

During the period from September 22nd, 2004 through to January 3rd, 2005 officers from the Fort Frances Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police assisted by the Northwest Region Criminal Investigations Unit have investigated six armed robberies to local businesses in the Fort Frances area.

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