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DSSAB severely underfunded

News Release

The Province of Ontario is not paying its share of the services downloaded to the Municipalities, leaving the Municipal taxpayer holding the bill.

Trying to keep from missing the bus

Ken Boshcoff
M.P. Thunder Bay-Rainy River

For those of you in Rainy River who know me, you are aware that I like to experience first-hand the situations we are working to improve.

A Leap of faith

Ken Johnston

Members of the Rainy River Evangelical Covenant Church took a big leap of faith Saturday when they officially announced plans to build a new church.

Retiring Sgt. says Rainy River is a ‘safe’ community

Ken Johnston

Rainy River Town Council received their final visit from Staff Sgt. Hugh Dennis of the Ontario Provincial Police Monday.

Dollar has little effect

Carl Gomez

Forecasters have been closely examining the economic damage incurred over the 1987-91 period – the last time the loonie experienced a sharp appreciation – for insight into the potential fallout from the loonie’s recent rise.

Tricking your garden into thinking it’s Spring

Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

Sometimes gardeners wonder if spring will ever arrive as they are anxiously waiting to start gardening. While many of us dream of having our very own greenhouse, the reality is that most gardeners do not have a greenhouse or even a cold-frame. Although there are some great new kits and small greenhouses that are made affordable to the homeowner, many of us will never have our own greenhouse. But don’t despair, there are some products on the market that we can use to push the season and mimic the growing conditions of a greenhouse, cold-frame, or even warm weather.

Local elementary teachers to work to rule

Public elementary school teachers, who are members of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO), are planning on working-to-rule in the Rainy River area after March break.

Farmers to be exempt from new water permit fees

News Release
Ont. Government

The Ontario government is exempting farmers from the new administrative fees for permit to take water applications, Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky and Agriculture and Food Minister Steve Peters announced today.

Hospital Aux. to help deliver daffodils at end of March

Irene Hanson
Hosp. Aux.

Fifteen members were present for our luncheon meeting at the Roadside Restaurant. Joan Hall said Grace, and we joined in a very nice lunch, served by Kim. It was enjoyed by all.

Bergland Lutheran church gets a makeover

Submitted by
Lay Leader-pastor
Carolyn Kreger

Trinity Lutheran Church (Bergland) was officially organized on Oct. 2, 1933 with the Augustana Conference.

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