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Conservative candidate pledges to do away with red tape and gun registry

Ken Johnston

Conservative candidate for the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding, David Leskowski, was busy working the streets of Rainy River last Thursday trying to drum up support for his bid to become the next Member of Parliament here.

Hospital physio still covered by OHIP

News Release - RHCF

Delisting of Physiotherapy Services in Ontario Budget Riverside Health Care Facilities advised that physiotherapy service provided in hospital outpatient departments will not be affected by the announcement that community-based physiotherapy (ie.OHIP Schedule Five) will be de-listed from OHIP.

Riverview kids travel back in school time

Ken Johnston

Way back on June 3, 1904 students then went to one room schools spread around the countryside of the Rainy River District. Last Thursday, June 3, 2004, about twenty students, from Riverview mult-room school, travelled 20 miles and 100 years back in time to attend a one room school.

Fertilizer directions should be followed carefully

Melanie Mathieson - Gardening Guru

In general there are eight ways to apply the variety of fertilizers you may use.

4–H Beef Club learns how to halter break their animals

Ben Miller
4H Beef Club Reporter

The United Beef Club had its first meeting at the home of Matt and Jared McQuaker on Saturday, May 1st.

Hartlin/Pollard win Emo Walleye Classic

Emo Walleye Classic - Top Ten for 2004

Sunday marks 60th anniversary of D-day

Veterans’ Affairs Release

Sixty years ago Canadians stormed the beaches of Normandy, changing the course of the Second World War and ensuring victory.

Town to pave marina areas

Ken Johnston

Rainy River Town council held a special meeting Monday evening to pass three new bylaws, tax ratios and a motion to pave the marina.

RRHS to have chemfree grad

Submitted by
Bob McGreevy, RRHS Principal

With Rainy River High School graduation ceremonies taking place on Tuesday, June 22 nd , grads and their parents are busy planning the first Chem-Free Grad celebration at RRHS in many years.

RRHS honours its best

Ken Johnston

Many Rainy River High School students received accolades for their academic and athletic achievements at the annual awards banquet held last Thursday for the 2003-04 year.

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