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Council gives Globeco a break

Ken Johnston

Rainy River Town Council passed a by-law Monday evening giving Globeco one last chance to get their business running.

Jam21 sold to Sudbury company

News Release

Effective October 1st, 2004, there will be operational changes as Jam21.Net has been officially acquired by Vianet Internet Solutions, of Sudbury, Ont. and the largest independent ISP in Northern Ontario.

RRHS teachers help kids ‘Reach for the Stars’

Ken Johnston

Rainy River High School teachers took their casual Fridays from last year and made them into something out of the ordinary.

Cross country team finishes third at first meet of the season

Ken Johnston

The Lake of the Woods/Rainy River Cross Country team began its season last week at a meet in Roseau.

Farmers get a reprieve

Ken Johnston

Farmers in the region got a one year reprieve from new meat inspection laws set to take effect Sept. 1, 2004.

Big or small could win it all!

Ken Johnston

It could be that the only record broken at this year’s 10th Annual Giant Pumpkin Festival is that of how big a fib growers have told about their crop this year.

Masons donate to Kenora hospital

News Release
District Masons

District Masons donate to Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation.

Pequana to hold annual meeting

Submitted by
Vicki Morrison Goble
Recording Secretary Pro Tem

Pequana Playhouse’s board met August 14th to discuss the past year’s activities and the upcoming year.

Voyage of a lifetime

Ken Johnston

“We are at war,” said Robert Taylor, one of the twelve Lakehead University Voyageurs visiting Rainy River last Wednesday.

CCA adopts strategy for dealing with BSE crisis

Cindy McCreath,
CCA Communications Manager

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) Board of Directors unanimously agreed to a strategic plan for the Canadian beef cattle industry at its Semi-Annual Meeting held August 20 in Calgary.

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