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Constantly improving our papers

Jim Cumming,

I sometimes wonder what exactly is my job. My father used to say “that anything that happens or doesn’t happen is the responsibility of the publisher.” Those words have given me pause to think about the paper and its various divisions.

Canada partially lifts beef ban at

Ken Johnston

There is a little less beef in the restrictions placed on the Canadian side of the border since the December discovery of a cow with Mad Cow Disease in the US.
People crossing the border into Canada can now bring back up to 5 kilograms (10 pounds) of beef from the United States as long as it is for personal use.

Riverview boys volleyball team #1 in region

Ken Johnston

It was a moment that they have been waiting for since late November.

Many groups across the district will participate in family literacy day

Ken Johnston

Next Tuesday is Family Literacy Day in Canada and groups all across the country, including the Canadian Community Newpaper Association, of which the Record is a member, are getting involved in.

Ingredients needed for Rainy River centennial

Rainy River Centennial Committee
Press Release

Oh that chocolate cake Grandma used to serve on Sunday afternoon. Or how
about that big pot of baked beans Dad used to make up to take on those
camping trips.

Surviving technology dependency

Jim Cumming

Sometimes the best-planned weeks appear to come unglued. I think that this is the case this week.

The facts about genetically modified food

Gary Sliworsky
Ag. Rep.

Stories about genetically modified (GM) plants pop up in the news quite often. Exactly what is genetic modification? Following are some facts about genetically modified organisms.

Stratton curlers one step away from Scott Tournament of hearts

Ken Johnston

Two ladies from Stratton are one step away from the Scott Tournament of hearts after they finished second at the District Playdowns over the weekend.

Former Fort man plans to relocate to RR and run for NDP in next election

Ken Johnston

The new riding boundaries have not been formally drawn yet, but one man is already standing at the gate eager to run for M.P. of Rainy River-Thunder Bay riding.

Bergland hall issues top LoW council’s agenda

Ruth Brett
Bergland Correspondent

The first Lake of the Woods Council meeting of 2004 was held on Jan. 6th at the Bergland Council chambers with councillors Colleen Fadden, Ernie McCormack, Bill Lundgren, Alfred Gate, Mayor Pizey, Clerk- Treasurer Pat Giles and Road Supt.

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