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COMRIF: What does that mean?

Ken Boshcoff M.P.
Thunder Bay-Rainy River

During our riding tour my staff and I encountered the subject of infrastructure funding a number of times. Many of our riding communities in the Rainy River District expressed concerns over the state of their roads, their bridges and their water supply.

Festive season for so many religions

–Jim Cumming

For most of the year, our home is shrouded by trees, that block the glare of street lights from our home. Even when the leaves fall in mid October, the ground and surroundings absorb most of the light. Suddenly that changes with the first snowfall, and the corner become much brighter at night.

Students work to preserve history or local WW I vets

Ken Johnston

As time marches on, history often becomes lost or blurred as those who lived it pass away. However, two Rainy River High School classes have been busily reconstructing World War I history so that future generations will remember it.

The whooping crane is the tallest bird in America

Al Lowe

The Whooping Crane is not a bird which you are likely to see in Northwestern Ontario. You are really not likely to see it anywhere, except in two very special locations.

Forest Women’s Institute starts scholarship

On November ninth Forest women’s Institute met at the home of Eileen Shannon. There were twelve members, one new member, and one guest present. Peggy Livingstone called the meeting to order.

The great oaks of the North

Al Lowe
Science Correspondent

We have all heard about the sturdy oaks. For centuries, the Royal Navy proudly marched behind the band playing ‘Hearts of Oak’.

Golf course expansion begins/from page six

Press Release
Oak Harbor Golf Club

In the spring of 2004, Oak Harbor Golf Club Certificate Holders voted in favor of building an additional 9 holes to make Oak Harbor Golf Club, north of Baudette an 18-hole, par-72 golf course. Throughout the summer months planning sessions, permitting, construction bidding, layout and prep-work was completed.

Poached and wasted

Ken Johnston

Sadly, poaching is alive and well in the Rainy River area.
Last Saturday the Ministry of Natural Resources Moose Watch line received a disturbing call. The caller reported that several animals had been dumped over the embankment at the end of Launthier Road, about three miles north west of Rainy River.

Customs to expand

Ken Johnston

Plans are in the works for expanding the Canadian Customs facilities at Rainy River.
Pierre Marquis of the Canada Border Services Agency said that they have been looking at the needs of the staff at Rainy River and the current building, which is not that old, is not big enough.

LoW receives fire dept budget

Ruth Brett

The Lake of the Woods Township Council’s November meeting was attended by Mayor Pizey, Councillors J. Moen, C. Fadden, B. Lundgren, Clerk P. Giles, Road Supt. Ed Pearson, visitors Dan McCormick, Fire Chief L. Nordin, and 7 community members.

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