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Two arrested for D.W.I.

News Release

Shortly after 10:00 p.m. on March 4th, officers from the Fort Frances Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police arrested a man on Pitt Road 2. Police stopped the vehicle the man had been operating during a RIDE program. Randall Carmody,

Coal is quite cheap these days/from page eight

Al Lowe

How many of you are old enough to remember the coal furnace? Sifting the ashes, ‘fixing the furnace’, how long it took to get the house warm after the fire went out. And your mother’s anger at the coal dust which came with every delivery.

4–H members harvest good crop of awards

Michael Hilborn
Fort Frances Times

The Rainy River District 4-H Association held its annual awards banquet in Stratton on Friday, paying tribute to those members and volunteers who have helped it become a thriving organization in the district.

Bergland Lutheran church gets a makeover

Submitted by
Lay Leader-pastor
Carolyn Kreger

Trinity Lutheran Church (Bergland) was officially organized on Oct. 2, 1933 with the Augustana Conference.

Group to plan for schools’ future

Ken Johnston

Concerns over the future of Rainy River’s schools were paramount at last Monday’s Rainy River High School parent council meeting.

Town fined $7,000 Crown withdraws three charges

Ken Johnston

The Town of Rainy River plead guilty to a charge by the Ministry of Environment last Thursday and will pay a fine of $7,000.

Many young scientists win at local fairs

Ken Johnston

There were scientists everywhere last week. Kids at both Riverview School (Rainy River) and McCrosson-Tovell (Bergland) held their annual science fairs.

Fort and Emo win RR Men’s Hockey Tourney

Ken Johnston

Men’s hockey season came to a close Sunday at the Rainy River arena with Rainy River’s Packy Yeo team losing in the A final against Fort Frances.

Soon the Pussy Willows will be out

Al Lowe

There are lots of willow trees in Canada. Actually, there are about 90 species in Canada (and some which have been brought in from elsewhere). And there are about three hundred different species in the world. Add to this the fact that many of them crossbreed with each other, and you have a family with a whole bunch of trees in it.

A garden grown to attract hummingbirds

Melanie Mathieson

I don’t know of one person that isn’t mesmerized when they see a humming bird. Hummingbirds make their home in the forest and in urban settings. I am always utterly amazed when I see a hummingbird in the depths of the forest miles away from any roads or flower beds for that matter.


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